Seals and O-rings available in Portadown


Quality seals and O-rings can be quite difficult to find, especially in the specification that you need. At Belts & Bearings Co you can be sure to find the ideal seals and O-rings for your machinery.

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Seals and O-rings of all sizes for your machinery

Seals and O-rings are extremely important for all machinery to ensure that there are no leaks when the machine is functioning. We stock a wide range of seals and accessories for customers at our store in Portadown.

With over 20 years of experience in the trade and a team of well-trained staff, you can be sure that we will help and advise you in choosing the right seals or O-rings for your machinery. Feel free to visit our store and buy what you need or get in touch with a member of our team for more details on our products and our range of trailer spares.

Our range of seals and O-rings:

  • Ram seals
  • Oil seals
  • Single ram seals
  • Double ram seals
  • Wiper seals
  • O-rings in metric sizes
  • O-rings in imperial sizes